Docker for (Java) Developers

August 25, 2014

Recently I gave a Meetup talk for the Docker Munich Meetup Group which explained how Docker can help developers to improve integration tests and to ship applications.

The slides are online as well as the demo project.

During the demo I used Butterfly for an in-browser shell, which was quite cool, I guess ;-) (This is obviously not enabled in the online slides).

I’m going to continue to celebrate my Docker-♡ with another two talks in autumn:

And there is a slight chance (since the CFP has not yet been declined ;-) to talk at Devoxx about Docker. JavaZone unfortunately declined my CFP, I guess there are already too many riding the docker horse (which is a good thing).

Nevertheless I will attend both conferences with talks about Jolokia, and I’m really looking forward to it.

‘guess it will become a hot autumn (hotter than this german 2014 summer for sure) ….