June 30, 2015

Ok, you know Docker. And since you are a Java developer you want to know how you can use this in your daily development workflow. You probably also heard about the docker-maven-plugin which seamlessly creates Docker images, starts and stops Docker containers and more all with a concise configuration syntax.

And now there is this new goal docker:watch.

We developers are lazy, right ? We want our code to compile fast, we want the servers to start up fast. And we want to test changes quickly. That’s why we love OSGi1 and JRebel. And we want this for Docker containers, too.

Good news. docker-maven-plugin will support hot rebuild of Docker images and hot restart of containers with a new Maven goal docker:watch. It will be released with version 0.12.1. For the brave coder 0.12.1-SNAPSHOT is already out there, the documentation can be found here.

But before losing more words, here’s a sneak preview.

  1. That’s of course not entirely true. We love OSGi … or we hate it with passion. But even the haters don’t hate it for its hot deployment abilities.